Three Magnets Brewing Co. Country Series Initial Bottle Release Saturday, Oct 22, 2016


OLYMPIA, Oct 17, 2016 – Three Magnets Brewing Co. splits packaged beer lines into Town Series and Country Series. Initial Country Series bottle release consists of four beers hand bottled in 750ml bottles.


About the Country Series

Our Country Series has been in the works since we brewed our first batches of beer in July of 2014, and immediately transferred some to red wine barrels from Salida Winery for aging. After teasing the market with sporadic barrel releases in late 2015 and early 2016, we are finally ready to launch this line of Barrel Aged and Rustic Ales. We start with four offerings; our Helsing Junction Urban Farmhouse Ale, 2014 Strawberry Helsing Junction Urban Farmhouse Ale, Calloused Heart Grisette Mixed Fermentation Ale, and Sleeveless Hoppy Dark Saison, a collaboration with our friends at Logsdon Farmhouse Brewery.


Bottle Release: Saturday, Oct 22, 2016 at Noon

Starting at noon (11am for Supporters Club Members), all four beers will be available for purchase:


Calloused Heart Grisette

Mixed Fermentation Urban Farmhouse Ale – 750ml, 5.0ABV, 30IBU – 11.99

Limit: four bottles per person.

Light, dry, and refreshing with perfectly balanced acidity and a pleasant hint of farmhouse funk. Brewed with European malts and hops, our Calloused Heart Grisette is the perfect compliment to a rich meal, dried fruits, or stinky cheeses. Bright in every way, from the perfectly dry finish to the high carbonation. Our mixed fermentation culture of saccharomyces and brettanomyces lends fruity notes while offering the perfect amount of funk to fruit ratio. Drink fresh for a crisp and almost tropical fruit character or cellar up to two years for more pronounced acidity to develop.


Sleeveless Hoppy Black Saison

Collaboration with Logsdon Farmhouse Ales – 750ml, 7.5ABV, 30IBU – 14.99

Limit: four bottles per person.

This offering was truly born out of a connection formed over a couple pints at 2016’s Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia. We teamed up with one of the countries most revered farmhouse breweries to create a beer unlike any we have ever brewed or drank before. Pitch black with dank hop notes and a spicy finish this black saison hits all the notes with a powerful malt foundation, assertive hopping, and a blend of Logsdon’s house saccharomyces yeast along with Three Magnets blend of sacc and brettanomyces. Drink now for the experience of hops and spice or cellar for up to 3 years for a black brett experience unlike any other brewed before.


Helsing Junction Urban Farmhouse Ale

Solera Project – 750ml, 7.0ABV, 3.77pH – 16.99

Limit: four bottles per person.

Our Flagship farmhouse ale is built on a foundation of European pilsner and malted wheat and gently hopped with continental noble varietal hops. We have been brewing this beer since the beginning of our brewery and each year we put some directly into wine barrels for souring and aging. What you have in this bottle is a blend of every batch of Helsing we have produced.  25% BA 2014, 25% BA 2015 and 50% fresh 2016 releases help create a complex layer of flavors and aromas with just the right amount of oak, tannins, and body. Drink fresh or cellar for 3-5 years for additional Brettanomyces development and complexity.


2014 Strawberry Helsing Junction

Urban Farmhouse Ale Open Refermented in Oak on Strawberries – 750ml, 6.4ABV, 3.29pH – 19.99

Limit: four bottles per person.

The summer of 2014 we were just barely breaking in our brew house and barrel program, and we were approached by Helsing Junction Farms of Rochester, WA with the offer of fresh organic strawberries So we took a couple of spent wine barrels, took off their tops, and added our flagship farmhouse ale (this is the same beer that won a gold medal at the 2016 Wa Beer Awards in the Barrel Aged Sours category) to 2 pounds of strawberries per gallon. Punching the fruit down over the course of several weeks we wound up with a brightly colored and tart finishing beer with the perfect balance of acidity, funk, and fruit. Drink fresh for more fruit forward notes or cellar for up to 2 years for more development.


Future Country Series Bottle Releases 2016-2017

Over the next year, Three Magnets will release the following Country Series Releases:

•  2nd Anniversary Ale – sour red ale aged in red wine puncheons for 18 months

•  Because Ghosts – smoked urban farmhouse ale collaboration with Northish Beer Co.

•  Karakterbier - Hoppy Belgian Style Urban Farmnouse Ale (2016 WA Beer Awards Gold Medal Winner in the Farmhouse Ales Category)

•  Autumnal Dark Urban Farmhouse Ale – Solera Project

•  Apricot Helsing – 2016 Helsing Junction Urban Farmhouse Ale aged in barrels on local apricots

•  Tart Blueberry Ale – English style amber barrel aged on blueberries from Black River Blues Farm in Rochester, WA with our Belgian

souring organisms.

•  2017 Old Skook in the Woods – our Old Skook Barleywine (2015 GABF Award Winner) aged in bourbon barrels

•  2017 Howards Blend – blend of bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout and bourbon barrel aged Oatmeal Imperial Stout


About Three Magnets Brewing Company

In 1898, Sir Ebenezer Howard wrote the book Garden Cities of To-Morrow, in which he took aspects of Town living and Country living to create the concept of a utopian city that lives harmoniously with nature (Town-Country). Three Magnets Brewing celebrates his way of thinking, which is exemplified in the Pacific Northwest with our close connections to nature, commitment to sustainable living, abundance of quality meats and fresh seafood, and embracement of community supported agriculture.


Three Magnets Brewing Company is a community hub in Downtown Olympia, housing a 15 barrel brewery, a breakfast restaurant (Darby’s Café), and a Pubhouse/taproom. Three Magnets self-distributes to Olympia area bars and restaurants and hand-picked locations outside of Olympia that take pride in offering quality beer, and is distributed in the Portland, Oregon market by AlEbriated Distribution. Three Magnets partners with local vendors such as Helsing Junction Farms, Calliope Farms, Wobbly Cart Farms, Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Taylor Shellfish and Tunawerth Creamery. Three Magnets Head Brewer is Jeff Stokes. Brewer and Barrel Program Manager is Pat Jansen. Head Chef is Kyle Wnuk. Owned and operated by Sara and Nathan Reilly.

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