Our beer is constantly rotating. We brew three new batches of beer every week, and we can three new beers every month. We also occasionally release our country series of rustic and farmhouse ales in 750ml bottles.

The beer lineup in our taproom is changing daily. The beer list to the right is an example of our offerings. Please visit our social media accounts for updates as to what's new. We have a strong selection of to-go beers in our cooler that change frequently as well.

Our beer can also be found on draft throughout Olympia, Oregon, and Western Washington, and it can be found in the package in those same locations, plus in California.

If you are a retailer looking to sell our beer, please fill out our contact form, and we will forward your information on to the correct party!

I apologize, but due to varying state laws, at this time we do not sell/send our beer by mail, though check out www.tavour.com, as they frequently sell our beers.

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