The Bright, Juicy, Tropical, Fruit and Sour IPAs Freshening Up Beer

Ezra Johnson-Greenough , april 11, 2016

Up and coming buzz-worthy Olympia, Washington-based Three Magnets Brewing makes some terrific IPAs and Belgian and Farmhouse-style ales. Head Brewer Patrick Jensen is a big fan of the more fruity and tropical flavor profiles that brewers like Russian River and Stone began experimenting with in the days before New England/Vermont-style IPAs were a thing.  continue reading

Everette Herald: Beer of the Week

Little Juice IPA, Three Magnets Brewing, Olympia

Aaron Swaney , April 03, 2016

One of the hottest Puget Sound breweries outside of Seattle is this Olympia gem. Our family stopped in for a visit last summer to kill some time on our way back from Portland and I was amazed at the quality and breadth of beer. So when I heard that Stanwood’s Ale Spike was hosting a Three Magnets brewers night last Friday I knew I had to stop by for a taste.  continue reading

DRAFT MAGAZINE: Brewery to Watch: Three Magnets Brewing

High-quality beers drive our attraction to this Northwest brewery


In his 1898 book “Garden Cities of To-morrow,” British urban planner Ebenezer Howard diagrammed three community options—the technologically driven “town,” the free and green “country” and the utopian “town-country” hybrid—as magnets, each exacting its pull on citizens as they decide where to settle. “The people,” his diagram asks. “Where will they go?” continue reading

WEEKLY VOLCANO: 2016 Best of Olympia

Best Brewery: Three Magnets Brewing Co.

Jessica Corey-Butler, february 19, 2016

There's more than just highly drinkable craft beers brewing at the Three Magnets Brewing Co. Owners Nathan (Nate) and Sara Reilly have recently moved their other Olympia enterprise, Darby's, into part of the all-ages side of the huge space, which led to a menu shift on the pub side of things. But with Three Magnets, evolving to keep things growing better is just part of the process.  continue reading

DRAFT MAGAZINE: 26 holiday beers: We drank them all

Some spiced, some boozy, some tart and vinous—here's what to drink in the short time before 2016.

December 23, 2015

What's an imperial red rye winter ale? An aromatic delight, for starters. Notes of baking spice bread, candied nuts and cinnamon float to the nose with a base of sturdy roasted chocolate; on the sip, alcohol prickles the tongue before sweet coffee, dark fruit and baking spice wash across the palate.

continue reading

Tacoma news tribune: TNT Diner

Six new breweries to explore in Olympia

SUE KIDd, august 13, 2015

Wnuk’s culinary imagination is on display with his 3Mag Boards, house-cured seafood and meat selections paired with a trio of small beer pours. The seafood board ($24) was a delicious collision of Nordic technique with Northwest ingenuity — slippery hop-smoked halibut; octopus turned into a toothsome carpaccio; jewel-toned arctic char gravlax cured with beets...  continue reading

SEATTLE PI: Meet Three Magnets Brewing

Olympia’s New Brewery is Ready to Brew

 Kendall Jones, JULY 3, 2014

I originally learned about Three Magnets Brewing from an article in The Olympian and then from another article on I sniffed around a bit and eventually wound up talking with Patrick Jansen, who will be the brewer at this soon-to-be Olympia brewery and pub. If they aren’t brewing yet, they will start brewing very soon.  continue reading

THURSTON TALK: Featured Business

Raise a Pint to Toast Three Magnets Brewing Company

 Lisa Herrick

The highly anticipated opening of Three Magnets Brewing Company will soon be here, although it is intended to be a quiet and understated event. The plan is to open with a soft launch by the end of October and unveil the brewery’s craft beers with a limited menu.  The full menu featuring a casual take on pub style goodies, which includes house-cured seafood, seasonally inspired... continue reading

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